About Me Past & Present

Mitchell Milch

Pain and suffering is omnipresent. Living the examined life helped me cross the bridge from God forsaken victim to first, a character centered being and much later on, a God centered servant of spiritual disciplines. My inspiration to create grew from a desperate yearning to transmute pain and suffering into gifts of wisdom. I learned first to love myself and later imparted such transformative habits to others. As I see it, the challenge for all of us is to cultivate and preserve artistic mindsets independent of ever changing circumstances.

I realize the following statement may sound like a radical notion however, over time I harnessed my artistic endowments to conceptualize trauma as a gift. It was a marathon and not a sprint for me to revisit and reinterpret neglect and abuse as loving teachers that instructed me to cultivate the loving powers of observation and reflection. I’m ever unpacking and deconstructing my life experiences to reengineer my mindful lens. I am indebted to my psychotherapists for assisting me to reinvent myself many times over. I’ve enhanced my growth through the writing of articles, a memoir and original songs which grace the pages of this website. For me artistic expression is my soul’s mandate, one of the many ways I serve My Creator. The following pages represent the highlights of my efforts to use my voice to cultivate artistic mindsets for success in life. I hope you enjoy my creative efforts.