Articles of Interest

All the articles below were written by Mitchell Milch.

Reveries On Spiritual Matters

Motivational Interviewing: A Disciple’s Best Friend

The Sound of One Hand Clapping: Why I Could Not Tolerate It, Faith and All

Why History’s Injustices Follow Us When We Are Not Conscious Of God

Fighting the Good Fight for What is Right in God’s Eyes Is an Act of Love

The Soul’s Regeneration: Training the Fitness of the Spirit
and the Flesh Go Hand in Hand

Life Isn’t Fair: Who’s To Judge?

The Unvarnished Truth

Character Building: Habits and Mindsets For Artistic Success

A Meditation on Meditation

A New Lease on Growth and Development (at Any Age!) with HIIT

The Dialectic of Love

Worried To Distraction: Habits That Inhibit Performance

Habits That Help: Setting Yourself Up With Habits Of Self-Care

Shining Moment: How Mindfulness Sets The Stage For High Performance.

How to Overcome Sports Performance Anxiety